Explore the Course


Brad Woodger, whose family has owned the course for 120 years, met me at the ferry on the Chappy side in a fabulous, vintage VW bus.  Brad himself looks casual, yet dapper, and was happy to share delightful Chappy facts as we made our way to North Neck Road.  A bonus when playing at this course is that they pick you and your clubs up, at the On Time, so there’s no ferry lines or delay. Brad bought the course from his family in 2008, renovated it, and increased the course to nine holes.

North Neck Road is a winding dirt road, that in and of itself, is fun to drive down. Suddenly, there is a break in the trees and you see the water straight ahead, and a golf course to the left and right. The view is just stunning.

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Not everyone knows where there going…in life...or on the Links.  This map will help you on the Links.