Crow Life

Over the past several years, I’ve attempted (with little success) to define what it is we have here at RACL - golfwise and otherwise. Surely, we’re a unique enterprise and most probably an acquired taste…but just what IS it EXACTLY that we ARE?

The answer, I think, is that we are indefinable…at least in respect to one, clear, and universal description. I think we mean different things to different people. There is a dichotomous quality to RACL - the old-school juxtaposed against forward thinking; the accessible vs the remote; the independent vs the social - that make our character so fluid.

Being indefinable is, however, a puzzling concept to market. Who is our audience? What is the flavor of our Links that appeals to the greatest population? Fortunately for us, marketing is not a particularly essential element of our mission. Maybe we’re so difficult to corner because we were never intended to be “popular”. Perhaps the course defies definition to purposefully render it more of an idea and aesthetic than a business.

I think the closet we come to describing ourselves is in the personality of Sir Reginald (and his Crow brethren) as a whole. Sir Reg has a difficult time taking himself too seriously while still maintaining a certain pride in himself. There’s a reason then that we chose a Crow as our logo - he/she represents the majesty, unpredictability and supreme reign of the natural over the manufactured.

So…enjoy the crow life: the passive acceptance that golf is yet another reminder that we are not in ultimate control. And we’re really okay with that.

Brad WoodgerComment