The Trouble(s) With Shipping

As a young man, I spent many summers with my grandmother. I would help out where I could, but really Grammy was better at any task that I took on - resulting in she usually finishing the jobs I started. Thus her fondness for the of saying “jack of all trades, master of none” when assessing my skills. My parents raised eyebrows upon hearing this belied the fact that Grammy was being generous in her appraisal. “Jack of maybe two trades, master on none”, I could hear my father thinking.

As I “matured”, I gained moderate profiency in a few fields, though certainly falling short of mastery. But I was never really truly BAD at anything…

…then along came SHIPPING.

Shipping combines all my least-developed attributes: organization; attention to detail; timeliness. A perfect storm of ineptitude. In my defense, however, there are a LOT of elements involved in the packing and shipping process - boxes (of different/wrong sizes), addresses, product, storage, labeling, travel, space. I liken it to grocery shopping - seems easy enough in the surface…until you consider that you must first make a list, then get to the store, then pick the groceries, then buy the groceries, and then unpack the groceries. Detail upon detail. Imagine then that after all that, you were required to mail the groceries. See?

All of which is to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you didn’t get your package on time. If you didn’t get your package at all. If you did get your package, but it was the wrong stuff. I think I’ve spoken to all of you wronged souls in some manner or another…but here it is in print - the public apology.

THE GOOD NEWS! I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve been chastened by my failures, and I intend to make this the best shipping season ever!! Still though, you should note that each item now comes with a caveat to allow one week for shipping and handling. The two-day thing is just the post office end of the shenanigans.

So please, order with confidence. And I’ll send it along with love from me to you! Hoooo.

NOTE: I would have liked to have included this under a dedicated shipping heading in our site, but site management is among those skills I’ve yet to master.

Brad WoodgerComment