Good Will Toward Men

I’m not what one might consider a “people person”. Given the choice, I will most often choose to be further from than closer to folks. This is not to say that I dislike people - in fact, I find humanity to be generally a good lot. It’s just that I prefer less company.

There is an exception to my reticence in being a joiner however - The Links, and more specifically the Crow Bar. Rather than disappear when a group of golfers arrive, I find myself hanging around. Yes, this is my job, I suppose…but it just serves as an excuse for me to be present. I like our golfers. I enjoy their company. And they are hardly a homogenous group. They are diversely quirky and straight. The cars, trucks, jeeps drive in off the dirt of North Neck onto more dirt (and a few tree stumps) of our make-shift parking lot. The first-timers take a moment to get acclimated, then the smiles come. They may not know what this “is”, but it looks fun.

The Royal & Ancient Chappaquiddick Links is a happy place, due greatly to the golfers (and assorted tag-alongs) that play here. For everything we try to give as an experience, we get equal back.

So thank you. Thanks for being nice. Thanks for having fun. And thanks for making me a “people person” at least a few hours a day.

Happy Holidays, and all our best!


Brad WoodgerComment